The Top Five Features of Omnia BlueCard - From the Desk of Allison Johnson
(Posted on 05/30/19)
I know you have all been inundated with information about Horizon’s new Omnia BlueCard plans in the last couple of weeks. Have no fear! I am here to make your life easier! Without further ado, here are the top five features of the new plans.

1. Pricing! These prices are amazing! Our team is ready to generate proposals for you to review.
2. National Access- These plans access the BlueCard network, so there will be no surprise network holes or weird claim submission issues to deal with. You can give your groups the peace of mind that comes with having premier hospitals like Sloan Kettering in their network, without the cost of the POS/PPO plans.
3. PCP co-pays for out of state members! With the new Omnia BC plans, your out of state members get the lower co-pay at all PCP type doctors!
4. Rx Co-pays on the Gold option- On this new option, your members get a traditional, first dollar 3-tier co-pay Rx card, giving them the peace of mind that comes with fixed costs at the pharmacy.
5. B-Fit for everyone! Horizon’s B-fit program is awesome. Anyone on an Omnia plan, with or without BlueCard, can earn $20 a month - that’s $240 a year! - just for being active! You can either join a participating gym and visit 12 times a month, or (this is my favorite) walk 10,000 steps per day for 12 or more days. The app syncs to your fitness tracker for easy use. Plus, if you have the Walgreens reward program, B-fit lets you earn points for that too! Who doesn’t love free cash?!

We’ve been waiting a long time for these plans, and they are just as good as we imagined! Please reach out to the team and let us know how we can help! From questions to quotes to spreadsheets, we are ready to help you have a great second half of 2019!

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